Weezer Clones Get Violent In 'I Want You To' Video

Frontman Rivers Cuomo talks about the carnage that results when a mysterious woman enters Weezerville.

As if you didn't already have enough good reasons to watch [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist]'s brand-new "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" video — The spooky doppelgängers! The wanton violence! The girl who was in "Kindergarten Cop"! — well, we've got another one for you: Hot Weezer-on-Weezer reproduction.

That's right, "I Want You To" features the guys in Weezer makin' babies, presumably with each other, since the video is set in a town — called Weezerville — where every man, woman and child is a member of the band. Confused? Turned on? Both? Here's director Marc Webb to explain.

"The idea of the video is really simple: It's a town that's made up of clones of Weezer. There are multiple versions of Brian and Patrick and Scott and Rivers," Webb told MTV News last month on the set of the video in Piru, California. "We shot with a bunch of little kids too [because] we're going to replace their heads with the band members of Weezer. They're going to be the little versions of them, because the spawn here all look like their parents. I don't know how they reproduce. ... That'll be for the sequel. They just split in half. It's amazing."

OK, so it's not exactly Slash Fiction, but it's close. But speaking of slash, there is plenty of bloodshed — not to mention the occasional vehicular assault — in "I Want You To," and, once again, it's the guys in Weezer who are doing it all ... for love.

"We're all in Weezerville, doing our daily routines, then one day, this beautiful young woman comes out of nowhere, enters Weezerville, heads start turning, accidents start happening," frontman Rivers Cuomo explained. "Scott Shriner gets hit by an arrow, Pat Wilson gets run over by a car — I happen to be behind the wheel — Brian Bell gets his arm chopped off by a chainsaw, because we're all flustered when we see this girl, we lose our focus, our concentration. ... Next thing you know, accidents start happening."

And the cause of all that chaos? Actress Odette Yustman, who filled MTV News in on just what happens at the conclusion of the clip. And here's a hint: There's even more violence involved.

"I'm the femme fatale of the video. I come in and I disturb the peace and distract everybody," she said. "Towards the end, they realize I'm not the nice girl I seem to be, so they kick me out of town. And I have to leave. Forcefully."