Michael Jackson Was 'Never Satisfied' With His Music, Akon Says

'He always believed we could do better,' producer says of working with the legend in the studio.

Over the last few years, [artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist] had the opportunity to work closely with [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist]. The duo recorded many tracks together for possible future Jackson releases. Akon relished working with the superstar, and the one thing that really stuck with him is the fact that Jackson was never satisfied; he was a perfectionist.

"A lot of our memories in the studio is a lot about work, because he was so focused on trying to get the right material out that we didn't really play around," the producer told MTV News. "Like, we talked, but we rarely joked, because at that moment, regardless of what we were doing it's like, 'Lets get serious and really do what we came here to do.' "

What the guys were there to do was concoct another memorable Jackson song — and the two really vibed while collaborating. "It was all about the melody, 'cause we both were melody guys," he explained. "Everything started with the melody. We both would hum the melody and try to create the biz around it."

But despite that common bond, the guys had disagreements over when a track was ready for public consumption. Jackson, being the consummate perfectionist, was almost never ready to release songs, even when Akon knew they had a smash hit on their hands.

"He was never satisfied. Like, we might have passed up ideas that I know for a fact were smashes. He'd be like, 'Nah, nah — we got to come up with something better,' " Akon explained. "We can never do better 'cause his expectation was so high. It was almost to a point where we would have to get a record and I would believe in it and just put it out, 'cause it would never come out 'cause he always believed we could do better."

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