'Saw VI' Proves Jigsaw Has A Few More Sequels In Him

Star Tobin Bell talks up the latest installment's comment on health-care reform.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — In the grand history of Hollywood, there are a lot of iconic characters, and a ton of sequels. But how many have been so beloved, complex and financially successful that they've been able to go six movies deep? From Harry Potter to Darth Vader to Ernest P. Worrell, they are few and far between — but with plans for at least two more films under way, murderous madman Jigsaw is taking his game to the next level.

"There is the promise of a resolution," fresh-blood actress (and "Scream Queen" reality show winner) Tanedra Howard said of [movie id="414297"]"Saw VI,"[/movie] this weekend's installment of what has become the top-grossing horror franchise of all time. "But in Jigsaw's mind it's like, 'Do I really want [a resolution] at this time, or can this continue? Can I still teach people a lesson? Do I want it to end right now? I'm John Cramer; I can do pretty much whatever I want.' They say ['Saw VI'] is going to [show the culmination of his master plan], but you'll have to see it. You never know which direction these movies are going to go."

Not even the face of the franchise, Tobin Bell, knows where all these flashbacks, torture devices and intricate schemes will eventually lead. But he said he's still enjoying the ride — even if he did technically die three movies ago.

" 'Saw' fans love some of the things that are in all these films: the tracks and the tricks and the twists and the turns, the music and the way it all comes in together," Bell said of the series and the central plotline involving his cancer-stricken killer. "The story itself is very timely. John Cramer has been upset with the medical community since 'Saw' I, and the way that they treat the ill. With all that's going on out there about health care and all that, some of this story deals with a man who has a somewhat mundane job, but the effect of how he does that job is giant on the lives of many, many people.

"So, it tells us more about how John Cramer became Jigsaw, [as well as] this individual who he came in contact with," Bell said. "[You'll see] more of the story, more of the pieces of the puzzle, and it has a lot of the aspects of 'Saw' that fans have come to love. So, they'll be very satisfied."

And if you've lost track of all the double-crosses, near-deaths, re-imagined flashbacks and other clues to emerge during all the hours that now make up the "Saw" franchise, don't feel too bad about it. Series star Costas Mandylor, who returns in "Saw VI" as Jigsaw's apprentice, Hoffman, isn't quite sure he can keep it all straight either.

"I always talk to the director, because I want to make sure I don't screw up," he laughed, thankful that "Saw VI" is directed by Kevin Greutert, who edited the previous five films and knows the horror series inside and out. "I always have to double check. I probably learn more from the fans than I can teach them."

Mandylor has, however, learned one valuable lesson about what someone should do if they ever find themselves caught in a Jigsaw trap. "Just get out of it as fast as you can," he laughed. "Because it's going to be painful."

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