Google Reportedly To Launch Music Search Engine

Artist search results will offer free streams and MP3 purchase options.

What if you could type, say, Adam Lambert's name into Google and instantly get links to official streams and downloads of his music? According to reports, you're about to find out. The leading online search engine is reportedly set to make a major announcement next Wednesday about a new service that will offer an enhanced music search with a streaming function.

The project, possibly called "One Box," will reportedly use the popular sites Lala, iLike and others to stream songs based on user searches. The company has not commented on the possible announcement, and a spokesperson did not return requests for comment at press time. posted a copy of an invitation to a launch event at Capital Records in Hollywood on October 28, featuring special appearances by OneRepublic and members of Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise. The invite doesn't name Google as the host, but it promises an announcement and lists "Lala, iLike & Others" as attendees. Wired says a source close to the situation confirmed that the event is, in fact, for Google's music service launch.

According to screenshots obtained by, once an artist's name is entered into the search, the results page will show a photo of the artist next to four options of songs available to stream. Users will be able to stream songs using the players from Lala and iLike (recently purchased by MySpace), and according to The Wall Street Journal, Lala will offer the option of purchasing an online-only copy for 10 cents or an MP3 download for $1. All four major record labels are reportedly onboard for the plan.