Tokio Hotel On Success: 'You Want It In Every Country'

'Who knows what will happen next?' Tom Kaulitz says of band's attempt at a Stateside takeover.

You would think [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] would be getting a little tired of living life directly underneath the spotlight, of being mobbed by fans wherever they go, of having zero privacy and even less freedom. You'd be wrong, of course. In fact, they want more of it — all of it — which is why, after years of dominating Europe, they've set their sights on conquering America too.

"The first time we were here, we just went out on the street, and it was great. We were like, 'Oh, that's a nice place to hang out. Nobody knows us,' " Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz said. "But, you know, success is kind of a drug. You want it in every country. So it was really important for us to come over and play the first shows."

Those first shows happened last year, when the band landed here in the States to promote their English-language debut, Scream. The shows were sold-out, and the crowds were rabid, but still, for the most part, the guys were able to wander the streets freely, drawing only the occasional confused look from passersby. But now, on their second go-round, with their second English album (the just-released Humanoid) all of that is starting to change. For the better.

"It's easier than Europe [to walk around on the streets], but it depends what you're doing. When you come for some interviews, and no one knows that, then it's fine," Bill explained. "If you have a show or something, then our fans are at the hotel, and some photographers. And it feels good, but we want more."

So it's looking more and more like it's goodbye privacy here in America too — which is just fine for the guys in Tokio Hotel. Like they said, success is a drug, and they're addicted. It's not a stretch to say that someday they want to be the biggest band on the planet — because, really, privacy is overrated.

"Maybe someday; it's changing," Bill's brother Tom laughed. "It's not like we can go out and nobody knows us anymore. Who knows what will happen next?"