Brianna Taylor Takes The Good With The Bad On Debut

'Real World: Hollywood' castmember released Fireworks at the Fairground last week.

"The Real World: Hollywood" castmember and Universal recording artist [artist id="3090685"]Brianna Taylor[/artist] is all about the yin and the yang. When things in her life get bad, something totally awesome is waiting just around the corner.

"When I auditioned for 'The Real World,' I got peed on by a puppy at the airport, I lost my luggage ... and then they called and said, 'Oh, you're on "The Real World, Season 20!" ' " Taylor told MTV News. Then, right before her Universal Records audition, she was caught in an icky crossfire. "I was walking in with my old guitarist Brendan. He sneezed, and a booger flew back and hit me in my arm," Taylor giggled. Ten minutes after her audition, Universal called to say they wanted to add her to their roster.

So it makes perfect sense that Taylor 's heave-ho from "The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins" last week coincided with the release of her debut full-length album, Fireworks at the Fairground. "Someone at my record label was very, very smart," the Philadelphia native chuckled about the CD's convenient drop date.

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After releasing a self-titled EP last year, Taylor is eager for fans to hear Fireworks. "I really liked the songs [on my EP], but I really didn't feel like it grasped me as an artist, you know? But this one is definitely, definitely my ideal album," Taylor said. "It encompasses me as an individual."

For the album, the reality-TV star teamed up with Tomas Costanza, a producer/songwriter she met after performing with the Calling's Alex Band (on an episode of "The Real World," no less.) "Tomas is one of my go-to guys," Taylor said. "If I'm having boy issues or stuff like that ... I'll call him up and cry, and he'll be like, 'Yeah, Bri. OK, Bri.' So he pretty much knows everything that's going on in my life."

"Real World" fans might feel like they know everything about Brianna's life too. The album's kickoff single, "Criminal," could be interpreted as a kiss-off to her ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Taylor admitted the song is about someone in particular but preferred not to say his name. " 'Cause that's giving him ammo," the singer shrewdly noted, before adding, "I feel like everybody's met a person in their life that's ... bad news. So there's a lot of criminals out there."

The music on Fireworks ranges from electro-pop to Tedder-meets-Timberlake mid-tempo stomps to trip-hop, with a reboot of the Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like" thrown in for good measure. But it's her personal anthem, "All I Wanna Be," that she's most excited for fans to hear. "Anybody can try their hardest to bring you down. If you're happy with yourself, that's all you need to be happy with," Taylor said. "People are gonna say nasty things about you, and I've definitely had to deal with that, reading the blogs after doing 'The Real World' and after doing 'The Challenge.' "

But when you're Brianna Taylor you know the worse things get, the better they'll end up. "I need more haters," Taylor said with a smile. "Means something good's gonna happen."