Chris Brown On Rihanna Assault: 'I'm Learning From My Mistakes'

Singer speaks with Angie Martinez on New York's Hot 97.

[artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] sported a bow tie for his appearance with Angie Martinez on New York's Hot 97 on Wednesday (October 21) just like he did during his interview with Larry King last month, but the singer wasn't nearly as choked up.

The Martinez interview was only his second media appearance since he pleaded guilty in June to assaulting Rihanna. His first, with King shortly after his sentencing, revealed Brown was not ready to speak openly about the ordeal as he deflected a majority of the CNN host's questions. With Martinez, the singer was more relaxed, though the radio personality was just as pressing as King.

"There's no way to start this without being awkward," Martinez said, before asking Brown how people should feel about the singer.

"Honestly, with me, it's not a thing about how you should feel," he explained. "Just be human. Because at the end of the day, I'm human. Of course you're gonna have your thoughts and opinions. I'm not gonna say they're wrong. But at the end of the day, it's not right to judge someone. People make mistakes all the time. I'm learning from my mistakes everyday and I regret it every second."

Brown spent just over an hour on Hot 97 as he addressed a number of topics, from the bruised photos of Rihanna to the people who reached out to him in the wake of the incident, and what advice he'd give young couples in serious relationships.

He surprised Martinez when he revealed Will Smith was one of the people who reached out to him in the aftermath of the assault. Brown said Smith offered advice, and said the gesture came when he needed it most. "As a young black man myself, I need older black male role models to step in and kind of mold me — not people bashing me, 'cause that's not how you learn from mistakes," he said.

Brown didn't directly address what occurred between him in Rihanna in the car. Martinez pressed and asked the singer if he was also injured as a result. He denied that he was, but like in his CNN interview, Brown said he didn't want to speak in detail for the sake of Rihanna's privacy and his. He was remorseful throughout, however.

The Hot 97 jock asked Brown what advice he'd give to a troubled couple in a situation where anger was mismanaged. Brown said he'd tell them to take a look at what he's gone through.

"I would say, point blank, definitely learn from my mistakes," he urged. "Learn from what you saw Chris Brown's take on it was. If you're young, everything isn't as serious as it amounts to. I feel like people wanna grow up so fast and be adults. Just live your life and be you. If it's physical, take some classes. Counseling is great. It doesn't mean you're crazy, you're just working on you."

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