Omarion Is 'Definitely' Going To See 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'

'I really feel connected to him, just like the world does,' O says of the late pop star.

As "Michael Jackson's This Is It" documentary gets closer to its October 28 theatrical release date, finally giving fans a chance to see how the King of Pop's last days unfolded, artists whose careers have been influence by [artist id="1102"]MJ[/artist] have been speaking out about him and their excitement about the film.

Ne-Yo said he'll be one of the first in line to catch a screening, while Justin Timberlake is looking forward to the most intimate portrait yet of the fallen icon. Now former B2K frontman [artist id="1873941"]Omarion[/artist] has aired his thoughts on "This Is It" to MTV News, admitting that while he plans to see the doc, it remains a "touchy subject" for him.

"[Jackson] did not just inspire everything that I do, but I really feel connected to him, just like the world does," O explained. "And from an artist's standpoint, these are the things that I have to ask myself, like, 'Why did everyone draw to him the way that they drew to him? Why did everyone feel the way that I feel about him?' And I mean, like, not 10,000 people or 100,000 people. I mean, like, 10 million — millions and millions."

Omarion recalled the first time he saw MJ in concert. He couldn't remember the exact time period, but the impression the show left on him was unforgettable.

"My mom took me because my mom was a fan, and I had this big Michael Jackson T-shirt on, and we were in, like, super, super-high nosebleeds, but I felt him all the way in the nosebleeds section," he said.

So while Jackson's passing — and the film that follows the singer as he prepped for his London comeback concerts — remains sensitive territory for O, he's certain he'll be finding his way to a theater to take in the action.

"I'm definitely going to check out the film," he said. "It's sad that he's gone, but I'm definitely going to carry it on for him."

Don't miss "Michael Jackson's This Is It" Premiere Special, airing on MTV and VH1 on Tuesday, October 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET! "Michael Jackson's This Is It" opens in a limited engagement on October 27 and and wide on October 28.

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