Tokio Hotel Recall Their Craziest Fan Encounters

The boys from Germany love their groupies, just not on the tour bus.

In case you weren't aware of this, [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] have some rather dedicated fans, most of whom tend to be of the "young and female" variety. Now, when you consider that the guys in TH are all between 20 and 22 years old and spend an inordinate amount of time traveling from city to city (and hotel room to hotel room), often for just one night and — well, you can see where we're going with this.

If they wanted to, Tokio Hotel could take full advantage of their situation. They are twenty-something rock stars, after all.

"There were some girls, I think it was in Spain, and they were in the hotel before [drummer] Gustav [Schafer] was in," TH frontman Bill Kaulitz said. "He just came in the room, and they were lying on the bed, completely naked."

"Ask Gustav [what happened next]," Bill's brother Tom added. "I think he took the chance.

"We had a dirty session," Schafer said, with a knowing nod. "Very dirty."

Though these kinds of stories are just chapters in Tokio Hotel's ever-growing book of unbelievable tales, they're not exactly exchanging high fives about it. They're not groupie-hoarding, hotel-trashing, hard-partying rock demigods. Deep down, they're still sort of kids, and all this adulation is still rather overwhelming, so much so that they often need to distance themselves from it a bit, on the sanctuary of their tour bus.

"We made a rule as a band: We're not allowed to have a girl on the tour bus," Tom said. "I hate that rule."

"The tour bus is our only private place, it's our place to relax," explained bassist Georg Listing, the only member of the group with a girlfriend right now. "And it's really annoying if there's someone on there screaming all the time."

And, oh, that screaming. It never ends, no matter where Tokio Hotel go, no matter the time of day (or night). From the tour bus to the stage, the afterparty to the hotel room, they are constantly inundated by the squeals of their female fans. It's an ear-piercing reminder of their fame. But, somewhat surprisingly, they guys in TH don't seem to mind it. They love their fans, their eccentricities, their dedication to the band. And it's gotten to the point where they're able to categorize them — Tom's fans, at least.

"I think that Tom fans are more sexual," Bill laughed.

"Yah, that's very true," Tom added. "They know what they want."