Brooke White Talks About Her Post-'American Idol' Career

'I'm just really relieved and glad that people have responded so well,' singer says of recent releases.

Brooke White may not have won season seven of "American Idol," but the singer has had her fair share of post-"Idol" fame. This summer she found success with High Hopes & Heartbreak, and just last week she released a five-song live EP. Both releases have been met with great responses from fans, something she appreciates.

"After 'Idol' there's this expectation like, 'Oh, what is she going to do?' And, you know, you just hope that people connect to it," she told MTV News. "For me, it's just a personal thing, music is, and I put a lot of myself into it, and I'm just really relieved and glad that people have responded so well. That's really rewarding, obviously."

White also finds life on the road rewarding and is using those lessons she's learned from performing to take the next steps in her career. And it doesn't hurt that many of those lessons happened on national TV in front of millions of people.

"The whole 'Idol' experience teaches you a lot about yourself. Going from the show to the big nationwide tour — which was my first tour experience and was overwhelming — and now it won't be an arena tour, but still out on the road being away from home ... that part is really tough," she said. "So I think when you have all that time to yourself you can't help but learn a thing or two."

In addition to starting her own record label, June Baby Records, White is actively pursuing as many outlets as possible to ensure that fans hear her music and that her music gets heard in order to discover new fans.

"Well, definitely the game has changed in this industry, and, you know, me being an independent artist still, I decided to start my own record label, and it definitely creates a different type of playing field," she said. "And definitely doing things like getting your songs on commercials or movies is a great way for people to hear you and see you. The trick is getting those people to remember who you are. Whatever different opportunities I can have, you have to be creative and innovative. I'm definitely open to the ideas."

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