Olivia Wilde Shares Her Early Rap Ambitions

'House' star recalls performing the 'Fresh Prince' theme song as an 8-year-old budding hip-hop artist.

In New York City, Olivia Wilde was raised; on the playground was where she spent most of her days. And when the "House" beauty stopped by MTV for a candid chat, she admitted that once upon a time, all she wanted to be was the Fresh Prince. Chillin' in the newsroom, relaxing all cool, she told us a story from when she was still in school.

"I was really into hip-hop, and I was really passionate about it," she laughed, remembering her career aspirations at age 8. "I really wanted to [be a rapper]! I was pretty serious. And to my parents' credit, they were so supportive.

"Their only condition was that I take it seriously," remembered the 25-year-old actress. "If I wanted to be a rapper, I had to start performing. And so they said, 'OK, we're going to get the family and friends together, and you're going to perform for everyone.' And my performance tended to always be 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' opening song."

Insert the scratched-record sound effect here. Say what?

"Yes, I would perform that for the entire family," she laughed, remembering the opening song to Will Smith's '90s sitcom. "Along with my own personal beat-boxing."

Pressed to give us a 2009 remix of her classic performance, unfortunately Wilde got a bit hesitant. "That is so not going to happen," she blushed. "It's so much more entertaining when it's an 8-year-old girl than me."

Be sure to check out the rest of Wilde's MTV Rough Cut for more startling revelations from the rising star — who will return to the big screen next year in the feverishly anticipated "Tron" sequel, "Tron Legacy." Just don't expect her to be belting out any showtunes on her Lightbike.

"I cannot sing," Wilde insisted, reminding us of the old idiom that those who cannot do, learn percussion. "I play the drums.

"We actually like to jam in our house in L.A. We have our instruments set up, and my husband is a really, really fantastic guitarist," Wilde said of her filmmaker/ flamenco-guitarist hubby, Tao Ruspoli, the only person who gets family performances these days. "So, we jam. We're like our own White Stripes — but different."

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