50 Cent Falls For Kelly Rowland In 'Baby By Me' Video

Fif invited the former Destiny's Child singer to co-star at the last minute.

[artist id="1231569"]Kelly Rowland[/artist], what are you doing tomorrow? Want to get romantic with [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist]? Those probably weren't the exact words, but 50 Cent and his people did give singer Kelly Rowland less than two days' notice to be his leading lady in the video for "Baby by Me."

50 ran into the Destiny's Child co-founding member last Thursday, when he was presenting at the Los Premios MTV awards show in Los Angeles, and it occurred to him to snag the lovely songstress for his video, which was set to roll production on Saturday.

"This video is great," 50 said. "Chris Robinson came up with a great treatment for it. It's obvious I wasn't in a hurry to make the music video until I found the right treatment, the right idea, to bring it to life."

50 said he was dead set on having a celebrity, rather than an unknown model, star as the girl he falls in love with in the video.

"I had to find the right person to be my love interest in the music video," 50 added. "I found Kelly. It matches perfectly. The acting in the project is great. I think when people see it, they are gonna be surprised by it.

Ne-Yo, who sings on the hook, shot his part for the video in New York on Saturday, while Fif and Rowland filmed in L.A.

"Because of the technology there is no secret," he continued. "Right after we shot, I went in the trailer and looked on the computer and saw pictures on Twitter. Everybody will get to see it and enjoy it in its entirety when it's done."