Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles' Hits The Net

'American Idol' star's first new material is released overseas.

Sunday was a big day for impatient [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] fans, who got their first taste of post-"Idol" Lambert music thanks to a leak of "Time for Miracles," the highly anticipated soundtrack song from the upcoming disaster flick "2012." The track was released in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, and it didn't take long for the song to get uploaded to streaming video sites for all the world to hear. Lambert's record label, 19 Recordings/RCA Records, tried its best to take down the illegal streams as they went up, but a few still lingered at press time.

The Rob Cavallo-produced song has the "Idol" rocker heartbroken over a lost love and wishing for a miraculous reunion, all the while showcasing the powerful high timbre of Lambert's voice. The octave-and-a-half range stretches from the A below middle-C to a throat-killing E5, which may explain his recent comments to MTV News about the song's intense recording session. "[Rob] pushed me to the limit. I sang for my life," Lambert said.

The Brian May-approved power ballad was composed by Alain Johannes and the late Natasha Shneider, who succumbed to cancer on July 2, 2008. (Alain and Natasha performed together in the '90s rock outfit Eleven.) Johannes, a producer, engineer and guitarist in his own right, has also worked with Kelly Clarkson, Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age and Hilary Duff in various capacities.

Lambert and his record label have maintained that the classic-rock sound of "Time for Miracles" doesn't represent the musical direction of Lambert's major-label debut, which the rocker described to MTV News as a "space-pop-rock-glam-alien invasion." But there's no official word yet as to whether "Time for Miracles" will appear on Adam Lambert's CD, which is now set to hit stores November 23 (a day earlier than originally announced).

As far as an official U.S. release date for "Time for Miracles" goes, details are still fuzzy. Lambert and Cavallo told various media outlets that it would hit the U.S. this past Sunday, but at press time it was still unavailable Stateside. ( confusingly lists an "original release date" as October 16 and an "available" date as October 27.)

Starting October 28, fans can check out the "Time for Miracles" music video on the big screen when a special extended "2012"/ "Time for Miracles" trailer runs before the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It."

At press time, reps from 19 Entertainment had not responded to MTV News' inquiries about the release date.