Paramore's Tour Continues, Although 'Everyone Is Getting Sick'

Hayley Williams is on vocal rest and Taylor York recently fell ill, but the Brand New Eyes tour soldiers on.

One week into the (re)launch of their Brand New Eyes tour, [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] are trying their best to stay healthy ... and stay on the road. And both goals are proving to be more challenging than they ever imagined.

Late last week — just days after frontwoman Hayley Williams returned to the stage after a lengthy bout with laryngitis — guitarist Taylor York fell ill while the band was in Philadelphia. Williams began tweeting that she was "seriously considering buying a gas mask" because it seemed "like everyone is getting sick."

Naturally, fans began to worry. Was Paramore's tour about to be postponed once again? Did everyone in the band need to be quarantined? And, most importantly, was their BNE jaunt cursed?!?

Well, according to Williams, the answer to all those questions is a resounding "No."

"[The rumors] are not true, unless someone ain't telling me something!" she wrote MTV News in an e-mail — she's still on strict vocal rest — Monday morning (October 19). "Taylor had a cough and a couple of other dudes on tour weren't feelin' good the other day."

So, there you have it: Paramore are soldiering on. No postponing dates, no self-imposed quarantine and most definitely no curse. On the other hand, Williams is trying her best not to speak until she takes the stage each night, something she's managed to accomplish with a pair of props, one decidedly old-school, the other rather cutting-edge.

"I finally bought a dry-erase board so I can effectively communicate with folks," she explained. "Even downloaded a text-to-speech app on my phone, though it's a lot more fun to type profanities on that thing than actually hold a conversation using it. But, hey, at least I can sing!"