'Twilight,' 'True Blood' Dominate Spike TV's Scream Awards

Vampires, Megan Fox, Johnny Depp and Keith Richards were named horror fans' favorites.

LOS ANGELES — At the previous three incarnations of the Spike TV Scream Awards, vampires were considered just another fanboy favorite, alongside such evergreens as zombies, killer robots, and busty sci-fi babes. But over the past 12 months, franchises like "Twilight" and "True Blood" have sunk their teeth into Hollywood, and Saturday night's taping of the fourth annual awards showed that there's no hate from the horror fans.

" 'Scream' is in the name — how much cooler can you get?" marveled "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco, looking up and down a checkered black-and-white carpet that had scantily clad women on swings overhead and a unicorn frolicking with such stars as Christina Ricci, Keith Richards and Justin Long. "Vampires are hot! It's scary stuff; they love this whole sci-fi, futuristic thing. Vampires are hot, nerds are hot. The world is coming to an end."

But before it did, there were some awards to hand out. Johnny Depp got the show started with style (and a decibel level loud enough to make the audience's costumed heads explode), accepting a Spike trophy for Most Anticipated Fantasy Film ("Alice in Wonderland"). He later returned to give the Rock Immortal Award to Keith Richards, whose acceptance speech was startlingly brief. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" beauties Megan Fox and Isabelle Lucas both took home awards, as did "Drag Me to Hell" (Best Horror Movie), J.J. Abrams (Best Director for "Star Trek") and "Watchmen" (Best Comic Book Movie).

The night's biggest winners, however, were "Twilight" (Best Fantasy Movie, Breakout Performance for Taylor Lautner) and "True Blood," which won Best TV Show, Best Villain for Alexander Skarsgard; Best Horror Actor for Stephen Moyer and Best Horror Actress for Anna Paquin.

"This is kinda cool," explained "Watchmen" star Jackie Earle Haley, who will soon be seen in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake as the new Freddy Krueger. "A lot of the roles I've been doing were first suggested by people on the Internet. And the Scream Awards are all about what people voted for on the Internet."

Sure enough, the fanpires came out in force, organizing their efforts on sites devoted to bloodsucking, hot-bodied movie and TV stars. Dressed as zombies, mummies, blood-splattered Pippi Longstockings and of course vampires, they filled the Greek Theatre for the raucous taping of the show, which will air October 27.

"Oh, god, that's a real woman," grinned a startled Justin Long, looking up at the scantily-clad Scream Awards Angel, who hovered above him on the red carpet. "I just noticed her now. That's a fairly typical thing at a red carpet. ... I really wouldn't mind switching places with her, but nobody wants to see that."

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