Bella Cullen Project's Chandler Nash Ventures Into Non-'Twilight' Territory

Now that the band has broken up, singer/songwriter Nash is free to get personal on solo project.

As the "Twilight" phenomenon has exploded over the past year, so has the world of Twilight music, with artists like the Twilight Music Girls and Mitch Hansen regularly performing odes to Edward and Bella in front of sizeable, adoring audiences.

Unfortunately, we're sad to report that one of the most popular of these bands has decided to break up. The Bella Cullen Project, an endearing trio of teenage Texas girls who won over fans (and Stephenie Meyer herself) with songs like "Sexy Vampire," announced on their MySpace page recently that they've decided to go their separate ways.

But the girls remain friends, and with singer/songwriter Chandler Nash (@chandlernash on Twitter) the only one who intends to pursue a music career, she is hard at work on her debut solo album. Recently, we hopped on the phone with Chandler to get the latest scoop on the breakup and where the Bella Cullens go from here.

MTV: Chandler, how's it going?

Chandler Nash: I've been doing pretty good. A lot is new!

MTV: We were so shocked by the news. What happened with the Bella Cullen Project?

Nash: Well, we've been doing this for, like, three years, since we were 13, so it's basically been our whole life. I guess we just got worn out, and a lot of us had different interests, so we withdrew away from it. It's not anything that happened between the band — we just didn't want to devote our high school careers toward that anymore.

MTV: So no hard feelings between you guys?

Nash: Oh, no, definitely not. Actually, with some of the songs on my new solo album, Tori's helping me co-write. So there are no hard feelings at all.

MTV: At what point did you decide that you wanted to go solo?

Nash: I think I've always wanted to do this with my life. Tori and Ally, even though they love music, they didn't want to do that as their career. ... With all of our opportunities as the Bella Cullen Project, it started opening my eyes to what I wanted and what I was looking forward to in my life.

MTV: So were you feeling them out for a while on whether they'd let you go solo?

Nash: Yeah, it was kind of like that. I love them to death, and they love the "Twilight" conventions as much as I do. I just wanted to see if I could do it on my own.

MTV: Tell us about the solo album.

Nash: It's definitely a lot more me, because it doesn't have all three of us adding our different styles into it. And it's not all "Twilight."

MTV: Really?

Nash: Yeah, my one song on there that's "Twilight"-related is "Forevermore," which is on our second album of the Bella Cullen Project. I've redone it and rocked out a little bit more. I wrote all the lyrics [on the new album]. It's all about my experiences, what I'm going through. It's really cool to have your own music, that's not always about a book series.

MTV: Tell us about a few of the songs.

Nash: I have one song called "Heartbreak," which is about love and things like that. It means a lot to me, and it turned out really good in the studio. Tori wrote a song called "Drowning" that is about some of her experiences. Of course, if I feel like writing about "Twilight" again, I'll do it. It's just easier to have that license to do and write whatever you want.

MTV: Any ballpark figure of when the album will come out?

Nash: I have no clue. It really just depends on how quickly I write. [Laughs.] No pressure or anything.

MTV: Were there any tears shed when you guys decided to call it quits?

Nash: A little bit, yeah. All of our teenage years, until now, have been circled around this fandom and all the people. Of course we're going to miss all the people we've met at conventions and all of our fans that have been so supportive. It's hard to let go of something that has been such an important part of your life.

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