Cheryl Burke Talks 'Dancing With The Stars' Michael Jackson Tribute

'He was a huge influence for me in my dancing career,' Burke says.

Since his death in June, [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] has received a number of tributes on television, including a Janet Jackson-helmed performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. The next tribute will come from "Dancing With the Stars," which will devote a portion of next Tuesday's episode to the King of Pop, according to The Associated Press.

Professional dancer and choreographer Cheryl Burke (who was paired with former Representative Tom DeLay this season) told MTV News that the project has been very personal for her.

"He was a huge influence for me in my dancing career," she said on the red carpet of last night's Los Premios MTV awards show. "I think a lot of us professional dancers can say the same. So we're really excited about it."

Burke said that she has had a hand in the choreography, which will involve all 16 of the pros on the show. Several eras of Jackson's career will be incorporated into the final product, and a total of three songs will be featured. Though Burke didn't divulge which songs would be included on the show, she did share her personal favorite. "'Thriller' is one of my favorites of all time," she said.

For Burke, it's a dream come true, but not without a significant amount of tension. "I just did an interview with La Toya Jackson, and she was like, 'Cheryl, don't let us down!' So, you know, no pressure!"