Ryan Ross' Young Veins Work Hard To Take A Vacation

Former Panic! at the Disco guitarist is hunting for a label to release new album.

The Young Veins are officially a band, with an officially finished album in the can. Now, they're just looking for a place that will officially release it.

That's a whole lot of "officially" for a guy like Ryan Ross, who, ever since splitting with Panic! at the Disco earlier this summer, has made a point of living (and working) as unofficially as possible. That is to say, he's tried very hard to make it look like he's not trying hard at all.

But now, all that's about to change: Ross is officially back on the clock, looking for a label that will release the Veins' debut, Take a Vacation. And he's more than up to the task.

"The toughest part is over: We got the thing recorded, and now we're just anxious to get it out there," Ross smiled. "We don't have a record label right now. The option ran out [with] Atlantic/ Fueled by Ramen, and now that the record's mastered, we're just going to look around for a new home. I don't care who puts it out, as long as they're behind it and they believe in it, because we're really proud of the record. We want as many people to hear it as possible, so we're gonna work for it."

Ross said that he really wants to hit the road with a five-piece incarnation of the Veins, because that's the best possible way for fans to experience the crackling energy of the songs on Vacation, which were recorded very fast and very, very loose (on purpose, of course).

"The album has 11 songs on it, and it's very short. Barely a half-hour long. That's good though, it's less for us to remember," Ross laughed. "It's all really focused, more so than the last Panic! album, but there's a lot of different stuff on there. Some of it is kind of beachy, some is darker and slower. But we had a vision of what we wanted it to be like, so, in one way or another, it all kind of complements itself."

Ross said he's toying with the idea of releasing a few songs on iTunes, but right now, without a label, it's looking like fans won't be hearing from the Veins until 2010, at least.

Still, that didn't stop him from talking about his favorite songs on the album, including the title track (which he said would be released as a single), "Dangerous Blues," "Defiance" and "This Heart of Mine," which closes out the album and features a boatload of guest vocalists, including Mickey Madden from Maroon 5, former Phantom Planet main man Alex Greenwald (who produces and plays on the album) and members of Chief and the Like. To him, it exemplifies the fast and free spirit of the Young Veins, and, well, of his own life, too.

"Me and Jon [Walker] sang it facing each other, playing acoustic," he said, describing the recording process of "Heart of Mine." "We did it live, and then we sang another track over it, we had a bunch of my friends on my birthday come down and sing. You can actually hear — if you listen really close on the end of the track — somebody screams, 'Happy birthday, Ryan!' We wanted to have a bunch of people singing the refrain with us. So, it just worked out that it was on my birthday, and we were going to have a party at the studio anyway, and so we talked a bunch of people into singing on it for free. To be honest, I don't remember much. It was my 23rd birthday after all."