Wisin Y Yandel Launch Next Phase Of Revolucion With T-Pain

Album re-release includes five new tracks and remixes from the double-platinum disc.

After cracking the top 10 on the U.S. albums charts with La Revolución, scoring their first-ever VMA nom and collaborating with hip-hop giants like 50 Cent and Akon, [artist id="1217038"]Wisin y Yandel[/artist] are set to release another album. And the reggaetón hitmakers remain steadfast in their quest to stretch the boundaries of Latin music , this time recruiting [artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] for the first single, "Imaginate."

"It's a very different song, and once again, we're breaking down the language barrier," Wisin told MTV News from the video set. "His verses are in English, and we sing in Spanish, repping for all the Latinos. And [T-Pain is] repping the American market."

"I don't think I could've rapped in Spanish anyway," Pain joked. "I'm just doing the hook. You know, classic T-Pain: I make great hooks. They wanted to do something with me, and I wanted to do something with them. And I think it worked out great."

The video, which also features actors Wilmer Valderamma and Amaury Nolasco, tells the dramatic tale of a love triangle that ends in tragedy. It includes a grim funeral scene complete with fake rain that was shot at a cemetery on the outskirts of L.A.

"My role in the video, I'm just supporting them with their friend being dead and whatnot. That's why we're in the cemetery," said T-Pain, who flew from Africa to Atlanta the night before and arrived in L.A. an hour before the Sunday morning shoot. "It's not really spooking me out. I actually own a hearse. I just don't like walking on people's graves. It's hard not to, they're so close together. It's crazy."

The single "Imaginate" will be featured on the Grammy-winning duo's forthcoming album La Evolución, a re-release of La Revolución that includes five new tracks along with remixes from the double-platinum LP.

"This new track with T-Pain will be on there," Wisin said. "We also have a new track with Enrique Iglesias called 'Gracias a Ti' and a remix with Akon of 'All Up to You.' It's gonna be a hot album."

"There's also some reggaetón songs on there that I think the fans have been waiting to hear from us. So I think they're really going to like it," Yandel added.

Meanwhile, La Revolución continues to dominate. Wisin y Yandel are up for three Latin Grammys next month, including "Best Latin Urban Song" with [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] for their "Mujeres en el Club" collaboration. And the duo, who are currently playing to sold-out crowds on their world tour, also scored an American Music Award nod and six nominations from Premios MTV (Latin American VMAs).

Wisin y Yandel are scheduled to perform with 50 Cent at Premios MTV, which airs Thursday (October 15) at 10 p.m. on MTV Tr3s.