Cobra Starship Gun For Double-Platinum Grills With 'Hot Mess' Video

'We're gonna take it to the next level,' frontman Gabe Saporta says of topping 'Good Girls Go Bad.'

Though [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship's[/artist] "Good Girls Go Bad" went platinum and earned the band a pair of MTV Video Music Awards noms, it was far from perfect. In fact, there were some fairly serious problems with the song (and the accompanying video) — problems Gabe Saporta and company decided to iron out with their new video for "Hot Mess."

"The problem with 'Good Girls Go Bad' — and this is why it really didn't let us go to the next level — is that we didn't have matching outfits," Saporta laughed. "This video, we really thought about it. We said, 'Hey, we're going to have matching outfits! We're gonna take it to the next level. We're gonna top "Good Girls Go Bad." ' "

Those matching outfits — which are basically studded jumpsuits — play an integral role in the "Hot Mess" video, which sees the guys (and gal) of Cobra Starship reborn as the Cobra Cleaning Crew, a crack squad that patrols the city, cleaning up aforementioned hot messes (which are basically partied-out girls in various states of undress). It's keeping with the free-spirited vibe of the "Good Girls" clip, only on a slightly higher budget. Such is the case when you're a band that's already scored one hit and is looking for a second.

You know, to add to their collection of platinum plaques.

"As far as the plaques go, I melted my platinum down and sent it to Paul Wall," drummer Nate Novarro laughed. "He's making me a grill. Big time."