Death Cab For Cutie Honored To Be Part Of 'Twilight' Phenomenon

'New Moon' soundtrack 'is not only part of the film, but it's part of your life,' drummer Jason McGerr says.

Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox" wasn't the most likely choice for the first single off the "New Moon" soundtrack, but in a lot of ways, it was the best choice.

Seems they know a thing or two about the central themes of the whole "Twilight" series: love and loss. They've sort of made a career out of documenting both.

"I think everyone was looking for that next big series after 'Harry Potter,' and that's when I first started hearing about the 'Twilight' series," DCFC bassist Nick Harmer said. "And at first, I was drawn to the books because of the vampires and werewolves, but if you stripped all of that out, you have a good romance novel. It's a love story. And that I think really ties into a lot of the material we write as a band."

As luck — or perhaps fate — would have it, they were approached to write a song for "New Moon." And while some Death Cab fans might've scratched their heads when they heard the news, the guys in the band knew this was a perfect fit. And a rather unique challenge.

"We were all really excited to be asked to write for it, because it had become such a massive phenomenon," DCFC frontman Ben Gibbard said. "We wrote and recorded the song and turned it in, and you hoped the people deemed it worthy."

"The arc of the song and the ... way the lyrics unfold over the three-and-a-half minutes," guitarist Chris Walla added. "It's a really nice parallel for 'New Moon.' "

And so, the song was accepted and then tapped as the first single off the soundtrack, which hits stores Friday. A week after finding out their song would be on the soundtrack, DCFC were whisked away to a mansion outside of Toronto to shoot the video for the single. It all happened that fast, and while most bands probably would've wilted under the pressure, Death Cab knew what an opportunity they had here — not just for some exposure but to be a part of something much bigger than any of them.

"It's like the soundtrack is not only part of the film, but it's part of your life," drummer Jason McGerr said. "So I'm super-excited to be a part of this ... we all are."

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