Lil Wayne Says Rebirth, Young Money LP May Be A Double Album

Weezy denies reports that Rebirth and Tha Carter IV will be a double LP.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] had a son last year, another in September with actress Lauren London, and he's expecting another son soon with singer Nivea. He's the hardest-working man in hip-hop in any number of ways.

"What's rest?" Wayne recently told the BBC's Tim Westwood when asked how he makes time for everything. "We don't need no rest around here. I'm 27 years old. I'll rest when I retire."

Weezy also told Westwood that, contrary to reports, he's not putting out his Tha Carter IV and his long-delayed Rebirth albums simultaneously as a double-disc.

"They're pushing for that," Wayne said of his record label. "I ain't trying to give it to them like that. It won't be given like that, trust me. It won't be given like that. Tha Carter IV deserves Tha Carter IV and that's that.

"The Rebirth may come as a double with the Young Money All-Star disc," he added. "It may be the Young Money All-Star and Rebirth."

Of course, Wayne's releasing a new mixtape, No Ceiling, somewhere in there as well.

Wayne, some of his Young Money clique and the Birdman are currently in the U.K. on tour. Before Wayne's comments to the BBC, Birdman had told the U.K.'s Hip-Hop Chronicle that all three albums would drop on the same day in December.

"We coming with Tha Carter IV and Rebirth, it's gonna be a double disc — and the Young Money album, all in the same day: December 15. My album and Jay Sean's album come out November 24.

"They think it's rock, to me it's a little more heavy metal, but it's still Wayne and he's doing his thing on that muthaf---a," Birdman continued about Rebirth.

A rep for Wayne's label confirmed that the Young Money album is scheduled for a December release but did not confirm dates for Wayne's albums.

Young Money currently have the record "Bedrock" out on mixshow rotation. That track features Lloyd.