Kristen Stewart Says Bella 'Matures Quite A Bit' In 'New Moon'

'The movie takes a downturn,' she says of the follow-up to 'Twilight.'

Kristen Stewart isn't the only one growing up in the public eye. Her onscreen alter ego, Bella Swan, is also becoming a young lady on the big screen. And Stewart admits that when Twilighters hit the theaters next November to see "New Moon," Bella is a different girl than they saw in "Twilight."

"I'm excited for the movie — a different kind of excited though because I'm finished filming that. I want to see how it turns out," she said in an interview for the November issue of Allure. "The movie takes a downturn. In the first one, it was all about discovery and in this one, Bella matures quite a bit."

In addition to dishing all about the flick, Stewart, known for her laid-back, grungy style, admitted that she truly related to Joan Jett, the role she took on in the forthcoming biopic about the Runaways. "I love the way Joan Jett dresses. She's the epitome of cool," she said. "My style: T-shirts. My favorite ones are my brother's old ones that they've worn out. I have a sneaker fetish."

That attitude was encapsulated in photos accompanying the article, where Stewart isn't seen in gowns, but instead in leather jackets that could have come from her own closet. "They [the magazine] told me that they just wanted to come and photograph me as the person who I am and not the silent cover girl that you'd expect," she said. "I like when photographs shoot what's in front of them — they don't try and manipulate you how they want you to be."

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