Muse Were Happy To Rock 'I Belong To You' For 'New Moon'

'It might be something to do with Stephenie Meyer and that she loves us,' drummer Dominic Howard says.

Whether they wanted to or not, [artist id="1191782"]Muse[/artist] have pretty much established themselves as the resident "Twilight" band. After being frequently shouted out by author Stephenie Meyer, the British rockers' "Supermassive Black Hole" was featured on the soundtrack to the first film. It surprised absolutely no one that they were asked to record a song for the second flick in the franchise, "New Moon," but the band is pretty flattered to be the only artists to appear on both discs.

"It might be something to do with Stephenie Meyer and that she loves us," drummer Dominic Howard told MTV News. "We met her quite awhile ago in Phoenix — it was before 'Twilight' came out. She's a very nice lady and talked about how she listens to our music as she writes her books. This is all way before it turned into this huge success that it is, before everyone went vampire nuts."

But now that everyone has gone "vampire nuts," Howard says they're happy to benefit from the extra exposure. "I think our music has reached out to whole loads of new people that haven't heard us before," he said. "It's great to know that people are discovering our music. It's a nice side project to be involved in."

Muse originally recorded the piano ballad "I Belong to You" for their latest album, The Resistance. But just as that album came out, the brain trust behind the "Twilight" flicks asked them to rework the track for "New Moon."

"I know the director [Chris Weitz] really, really liked that track," Howard said. "He really wanted to get it into a scene somewhere, but they wanted a slightly different vibe of what was already recorded for the album."

So, they headed back into the studio, and Howard said he's quite pleased with the results. "It's a bit more rock in some ways," he said. "We rocked it up a bit and put some guitars on it and did an alternative mix."

Although Muse will soon be heading out on a tour, Howard said they might be able to fit the film's premiere into their schedules. "I think we got invited to the premiere, which might be in London the day before one of our shows in London," he said. "I liked the first one. I thought it was quite cool. I thought it was quite raw as well."

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