Snoop Dogg Calls Malice N Wonderland Album A 'Roller Coaster'

'By the time I get to the end of the record, I'm in Wonderland,' Snoop says of LP's journey.

ATLANTA — Snoop Dogg's video for "Gangsta Luv," featuring The-Dream, should be out soon, and his next LP, Malice N Wonderland, is ready for a December release.

"I start off with so much malice in my heart when the record kicks in," [artist id="1133"]Snoop[/artist] explained Friday night at T.I.'s Grand Hustle Studios; the Dogg was in town for the BET Hip-Hop Awards. "By the time I get to the end of the record, I'm in Wonderland. I'm feeling good about life. I'm celebrating, happy about my wife, my kids, life in general. It's just a roller coaster of what I'm going through as I speak.

"I've always juggled the line: 'Should I make a gangster record? 'Cause I could kill all you rappers if I wanted to,' " Snoop continued. "Then I have to sit back and say, 'I'm a business, so I'm gonna make records that can help me in this business.' I have to make radio records, but when I don't care, y'all in trouble."

Snoop is juggling his role as an artist and newly appointed exec at Priority Records.

"I haven't started off trying to sign no new acts right now," he said. "My main focus is making sure my record comes through that channel the appropriate way so I can set a standard. It's like what we did with Death Row back in the day. We knew how dope everybody was, but until we got [Dr. Dre's] Chronic album off the ground, that was the foundation. This Malice N Wonderland is my Chronic album to get this foundation off the ground. Once we do that, we'll look to see if there's somebody worth signing or somebody that's blowing up on the West Coast like Nipsey Hussle or somebody doing their thing that might need to be taken under my wing. That's what I'm gonna provide."