Cobra Starship Give Behind-The-Scenes Peek Of 'Hot Mess' Video

'This video is going to be as awesome, if not awesomer,' Gabe Saporta says of follow-up clip to 'Good Girls Go Bad.'

When it came time for [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist] to shoot the follow-up to their breakthrough "Good Girls Go Bad" video, they didn't want to mess with the formula for success. So they brought in the same director, shot in the same city and imported the same hot babes. The only difference this time around was the facial hair.

"The treatment doesn't matter ... all that matters is Kai Regan is directing the video. He sent me a couple of treatments, I didn't read 'em," Cobra frontman Gabe Saporta laughed. "All I know is that he made our last video and it was the best video we ever made. We got nominated for two VMAs, so this video is going to be as awesome, if not awesomer.

"And to make it even more awesome," he continued. "We all grew mustaches."

"I had one — no one told me, I shaved it," drummer Nate Novarro added, dejectedly. "I had a good one."

No worries, Nate. The "Hot Mess" video looks like it's going to be pretty great even without your mustache. While we won't reveal all the details just yet, we can tell you that it features the guys — and gal — of Cobra Starship trooping around New York City in studded jumpsuits, armed with Cobra Clean (which you might remember from episode seven of "Cobra Cam" — it gets ya sweet), on a mission to round up all the hot messes (read: partied-out babes). And, yes, hijinks ensue.

"We play the Cobra Cleaning Crew in this video, and our job is to go around the city cleaning up the hot-mess girls that are too much to handle," Saporta explained. "Our album is called Hot Mess, we worship the hot messes, but at the end, the question arises: Can we handle them? It's a moral dilemma."

Don't worry — judging from what we saw, the whole "dilemma" bit doesn't seem to stop anyone from partying super hard. Like we said, Cobra didn't want to mess with the formula for success. Basically, this one is about the ladies. Er, women.

"Women are both the corruption of all men and the success behind every man," Saporta laughed. "A very beautiful dichotomy."