Michael Jackson's Kids Won't Be On Reality Show, Katherine Jackson Says

MJ's mother denies rumors that Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II will be on A&E's Jackson show.

For most of their young lives, Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II's father, late pop star [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist], went to great lengths to shield their faces from the prying eyes of the press. Using hats, masks, veils and other disguises, the self-proclaimed King of Pop was determined to keep his children out of the spotlight.

So, it came as a surprise on Wednesday (October 14), when Us Weekly, citing an unnamed source, claimed that Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael (a.k.a. "Blanket"), 7, would be appearing in the upcoming A&E reality show, "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty." The story claimed that the family was at odds over the appearance of the children in the series. Eldest sister Rebbie, 59, reportedly refused to take part in the filming and because she felt, "Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would be on this show."

The story also claimed that while Janet Jackson was onboard, mother Katherine was "just going along with things." A short time later, the Jackson family matriarch, who has custody of the children, denied the reports, telling TMZ that there is no way they will take part in the show.

A spokesperson for A&E, Dan Silberman, issued this statement to MTV News: "A&E's series will chronicle the unscripted real lives of, principally, four Jackson brothers — Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon — as they go about their lives following the death of their brother Michael. Filming is taking place right now; as production moves forward, it is entirely possible that the brothers' paths will intersect with other members of the Jackson family, who may or may not be included in the finished series. However, we cannot at this point definitively know who else may make an appearance in the series."

He added that the magazine's claim that the show would be called "A Family Dynasty" and that it will either be five one-hour episodes or 10 half-hour episodes that will begin airing in December is all based on "tentative" plans. The show's final name, airdates and configuration have not yet been determined, he said.

The show reportedly originated as a chronicle of a planned reunion album and concert by the Jacksons and has seemingly morphed into a look at how the family is dealing with Michael's death. But an executive producer told Us that the Jackson clan will be well represented on the program. "We have 23 cast members with the last name Jackson," producer Jodi Gomes reportedly told the magazine. "They've done a great job opening up about losing a brother."