Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell Is 'A Lot Better' After Swine Flu

'I am 100 percent back up to par,' he tells MTV News.

Last week, the [artist id="832"]Backstreet Boys[/artist] had to sideline plans to promote their latest album, This Is Us, after Brian Littrell was diagnosed with swine flu. But 10 days after that diagnosis, Littrell said his health has improved and he's ready to get the show back on the road.

"I am a lot better than I was last week. We are better now," he told MTV News on Wednesday (October 14). "I still have a little lingering cough, but at the same time, I am 100 percent back up to par. I saw [the other guys] yesterday at rehearsal, and everyone looked pretty healthy."

Littrell was busy with the band in Japan when he realized he might need to see a doctor. "I was very surprised. It happened so fast that I had no time to really react to it," he said of getting sick. "With the normal flu, you have an onset of days, where you know something is wrong. ... I didn't really feel bad."

Now that Littrell has put the flu behind him, the Backstreet Boys are hard at work rehearsing for their tour, which kicks off later this month.

"I've had the flu before, obviously," Littrell said. "When I do get sick, my wife says I'm not a good sick patient, 'cause I don't let people help me a lot. ... I started my antibiotics Sunday evening. The doctor saw me every day up until Wednesday. Again, we caught it right at the very beginning, as early as my body would tell that I have the swine flu."

Littrell was surprised he got sick because he makes his health a priority. "It happened so fast. I really had no warning signs," he said. "I pride myself on taking care of myself. I go and get sick, and the guys are going out at night and being out all night, and I'm thinking, 'I was being a good boy, and I go and get sick.' "