Young Jeezy And Rick Ross Unite Their Crews For 'Erryday' Video

'We're the new generation of hustlas,' Jeezy tells Mixtape Daily of keeping Def Jam legacy alive.

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Young Jeezy and Rick Ross are like DMX and Jay-Z back in the day. They are carrying on a new era of Def Jam. On Tuesday night, VH1 aired "Hip Hop Honors," a celebration of the label's silver anniversary. The Southern giants say they are proud to keep the label's legacy alive.

"To be a part of Def Jam, I feel that the biggest legacies have been lived at Def Jam," Ross said. "From the dudes I love like EPMD, of course the LL Cool Js, of course Jay-Zs — but this is that next run. When you think of the classic tours, the Ruff Ryders, Cash Money tours, I feel like we bubbling and building these brands too. Most definitely, with the moves we making, we both bosses, we gonna keep it like that."

"We're the new generation of hustlas," Jeezy added. "New generation of entrepreneurs. We're the new generation of going out there and getting it from the streets. We're selling a lifestyle. This is how we live every day. The better you live like that, the better music you sell. ... He put on Triple C's; I put USDA on. That's real tough music. We doing it the right way. We connected. If we was doing something else, it would have been the same thing. He hit me for a video — he could have hit me for anything.

"That's the homie," he added. "I hit him up a few [years] back, for the USDA tape: 'I need a remix for the "White Girl." ' He sent it back next-day air. So he hit me [recently] and told me what he was doing. I'm in! 'Erryday.' "

Ross and Jeezy brought both their families to a soundstage Sunday night to film the video for "Erryday." That song is the next single from the Triple C's album Custom Cars & Cycles.

"I watched Jeezy establish a brand," Ross said. "When you speak of successful executives coming out of the South that's still in the streets making moves, that's one of the dudes I look at. It was a huge record. I reached out to my family, he made it pop. Not only that, he let [Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Ent. artist] JW shine on the record. That's from the crib, the bottom. It was just love. The streets feeling it, and that's what it's about."

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