Common Promises 'Raw Hip-Hop' On Believer Album

MC says working with Chicago producers Kanye West, No I.D. and Twilite Tone is like 'going home again.'

After venturing left with a more dance-oriented sound for Universal Mind Control, [artist id="1184"]Common[/artist] is returning to his raw rap roots for his next album, The Believer.

"For Believer, it was creating raw music, raw hip-hop," the Chicago MC told MTV News last week. "I just wanted to create good hip-hop music. When I create albums, they develop as I go along, 'cause I have different thoughts and visions. And then as you create the music, it takes its own personality and spirit to it. But the beginning of it is raw hip-hop, it's just soulful."

For the project, the rapper's ninth solo album, he'll reunite with the sound architects behind his first three albums, No I.D. and Twilite Tone. Com said reconnecting with the pair and having Kanye West onboard as well gives the album a homecoming feel.

"Twilite Tone and No I.D., they produced my first three albums and they were the first producers I worked with," he said. "And Kanye is an extension of them. Kanye always says No I.D. is his mentor. That's how I met Kanye, through No I.D. So for me to have these three working on my album is going home again. But I'm always gonna offer something new and fresh."

The Believer has been on Common's radar for a while now. The poetic MC initially was set to work on the project last year. But in the midst of working on the follow-up to Finding Forever, Com got a taste for dance music and put out Universal Mind Control first.

"The Believer is definitely gonna be an album," Com told MTV News in October 2008. "It's gonna be the next album. I was ready to make The Believer, then I started working on an EP called Invincible Summer. Then I was like, 'OK, "Universal Mind Control" — that's the name of the single.' Like we said on the song, 'If you wanna dance, let's dance.' That's what that whole concept is like: Whatever you want the people to do, you create the music for them to do it."

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