DJ Drama Talks Gucci Mane's New Mixtape, The BurrPrint (The Movie 3-D)

Neither will comment on mixtape's apparent swipe at Jay-Z.

We're fresh off the plane, mane! The Mixtape Daily family was in ATL for the BET Hip-Hop Awards last weekend. We must have about 3,000 mixtapes in our bags from everybody out in the streets giving away music, trying to get their buzz going. We got tons of info from our trip, so stay locked here all week. Our first offering is all about Gucci Mane: He dropped a tape with DJ Drama over the weekend and has one more coming in a couple of weeks.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: The BurrPrint (The Movie 3-D)

Headliner: Gucci Mane

Co-Starring: DJ Drama

Key Cameos: "Real as They Get" (featuring OJ Da Juiceman and Wacka Flocka), "Foreign" (featuring Shawty Red), "Flexin' " (featuring Brick Squad), "Watch Cost a Bentley" (featuring Bun B and Rocko)

Essential Info: When does Gucci Mane stop making music? The dude keeps a mixtape on deck, and he dropped yet another freebie to the streets over the weekend, teaming up with DJ Drama to continue their "Movie" series. This one, they say, is in 3-D and they also added the tag The BurrPrint on there. As the mixtape begins to circulate, the streets are beginning to ask if Mr. Laflare is dissing the man who authored The Blueprint? During an interlude called "Gucci Speaks 2," Mane questions Jiggaman's status.

"Brick Squad survey," Gucci begins. "First question, Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive? Survey says that's a lie."

Later in the interlude, LaFlare turns his attention to himself.

"Gucci Mane is not the hottest rapper in Atlanta? Survey says that's a lie," he continues.

Asked by MTV News, Gucci declined to comment further on the interlude, and DJ Drama didn't shed too much either. "You gotta talk to Gucci about that," Dram said. "I just put the tape together after I got the music."

However, Dram was able to enlighten us about the title of the tape.

"We had a conversation," he said of him and Gucci. "The Movie 2 didn't do what we felt it should've done. The initial conversation was, we gonna put it back out and do The Movie 2: In 3-D. Then Gucci came to me and said 'F--- that, I got enough songs for a new project.' So we needed a new title. Shout out to Green Lantern for the idea on the BurrPrint: He came to me with music and now the streets is in a frenzy. The big [songs are] 'Dope Boys,' 'Trap Goin Crazy,' then the 'Frowney Face,' which is a crazy record seeing that he was on [Trey Songz's] 'LOL :-)' and he did a darker version, 'Frowney Face.' If you really listen to the guy and his concepts, he's creative.

"I've been getting a lot of feedback about the tape, people saying it reminds them of previous classics," Dram continued. "Just watching this weekend and Gucci performing at the BET Awards and the feedback of this tape, this is definitely his time."

Gucci and Drama are also linking up in a couple of weeks to put out the Fright Night mixtape. That street CD co-stars Gucci's good friend Shawty Lo.

"Halloween man! I'm Jason, Gucci Mane is Michael Myers." Shawty told us just before the BET Hip-Hop Awards. "We're going in, we drop our mixtape this Halloween. It's gonna be real crazy. Fright Night! Y'all look forward to it. DJ Drama, DJ Scream, they gonna do the mixtape together. [Me and Gucci], we're going back-to-back, all-new material."

Lo also shouted out his homie for getting on MTV News' Hottest MCs in the Game list. "It feels real good to see where my partner came from to be on that list."

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