OK Go 'Flattered' To Be On 'New Moon' Soundtrack

'It's a huge deal,' frontman Damian Kulash says of the inclusion of new song 'Shooting the Moon.'

For most of the early part of their career, [artist id="1231455"]OK Go[/artist] have been known as "the treadmill band" after scoring a massive viral hit with their video for "Here It Goes Again," a lo-fi affair that featured the band performing a tightly choreographed, all-in-one-take dance on a series of treadmills. Now they hope to graduate to a level that Paramore and Muse both know well: the "Twilight" band.

The group contributed a brand-new song called "Shooting the Moon" to the soundtrack for the upcoming film [movie id="414921"]"New Moon."[/movie]

"We're flattered," frontman Damian Kulash told MTV News. "It's a really amazing set of bands. It's a huge deal. We grew up listening to the 'Pretty in Pink' soundtrack, and I sort of feel like this 'New Moon' soundtrack is like 'Pretty in Pink' for the new generation — foxy female lead, the kind of loser guy who becomes a sexpot and of course the 1,000-year-old witch/vampire type."

Though the band jokes that their song was selected for the soundtrack based on the title alone, they actually have a bit of history with author Stephenie Meyer. "She asked us to play one of her book-launch parties," Kulash said. "She thanked us in the back of one of the books, because I guess she listens to our music a lot when she's writing. We feel a particular kinship with her, even though we've never met her."

Of course, having a song on the "New Moon" soundtrack comes with responsibilities. For instance: Are they Team Edward or Team Jacob? "I'm gonna go Edward. In that lineup, we're closest to skinny vampire," frontman Damian Kulash explained.

"I'm pretty hairy, so maybe I am a werewolf," bassist Tim Nordwind added.

Kulash finally settled it. "So maybe we're three-quarters Edward, one-quarter Jacob," he said.

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