'Dancing With The Stars' Is 'Way Harder' Than Kelly Osbourne Imagined

'I thought with each week it would get easier, but it doesn't,' she tells MTV News.

Kelly Osbourne has always been known for her sassy attitude and punk-rock spirit, but it seems that those skills aren't making her time on "Dancing With the Stars" any easier. The 24-year-old admits that competing on the show hasn't been a day in the park.

"It is way harder than I thought it'd be," Osbourne, who is partnered with professional dancer Louis van Amstel, told MTV News on the red carpet at the Hollywood Style Awards. "I thought with each week it would get easier, but it doesn't, because each week you're learning a new dance with new steps."

Osbourne added that the short time they have to learn the dance routines each week only stresses her out even more. "I'm nervous about the pace," she explained. "I'm nervous that I'll forget steps, because you only do have five [or] four days to learn, so it gets tough."

It seems that she's not the only one feeling pressure. She says that her competitors are getting a bit fatigued from all the dancing. "Everyone on the show was so tired," she said, adding that she doesn't regret signing on. "It's the most fun I've ever had working on a show. It doesn't feel like work."

Speaking of the competition, Osbourne couldn't pin down who she thought was her biggest rival. "I don't look at it like that," she said when asked who she thinks she needs to beat. "At the end of the day, you'll only go as far as you're meant to go, and it's just, if you start looking at it that way, you'll start to become evil."

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