Tokio Hotel Contest: We Have A Winner!

Val from California wins autographed Humanoid T-shirt, video message from band.

Last week, when MTV News announced we were partnering with the guys in [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] for a very special contest, we figured we'd be inundated with videos of screaming, spiky-haired fans extolling the virtues of the Kaulitz brothers.

And we were (to be fair, we did request clips with "costumes, tears, squealing and Bill Kautliz-esque hairstyles) — and we also got loads of amazing, incredibly creative videos, too. Hundreds of them, in fact, from Tokio Hotel fans of all ages, from all corners of the globe. It's not a stretch to say that, at the moment, TH are one of the world's most popular bands — or at least one with the most loyal fans.

Anyway, here's a quick refresher on the criteria: We were looking for the best, most creative review of Tokio Hotel's new Humanoid album, with the winning entry receiving an autographed TH T-shirt and a personalized video message from the band. And boy did we get some memorable entries: toddlers with Mohawks, raccoon-eyed girls pretending to make out, Bill Kaulitz doppelgängers, Tom Kaulitz doppelgängers. Fans begged and bargained, they reviewed fast and slow — or sometimes not at all. Choosing a winner was beyond difficult, but finally, after hours of video, we found the best:

Val from California, congratulations: You've won our Tokio Hotel contest!

Why did we choose Val's video? Well, for starters, it made us laugh; secondly, it was an actual review of the album; and third, we liked how she put on a pair of glasses to appear sufficiently "rock critic-y." Way to know your judges, Val!

So again, nice job, Val. You can expect your T-shirt any day now. And thanks again to everyone who entered the contest ... we were honestly blown away by your creativity and dedication to Tokio Hotel. They're a lucky bunch of guys to have fans like you.