Soulja Boy Tell'em Tweets About 'Video Shoot I Got Arrested At'

The MC was reportedly filming 'Gangsta Musik' clip when he was arrested outside of Atlanta.

Soulja Boy Tell'em hasn't said much about his recent arrest just outside of Atlanta. But on Sunday, after performing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards at the Atlanta Civic Center the previous night, the 19-year-old rapper finally opened up about what he was doing in a dark backyard in Henry County, Georgia, last Wednesday when cops rolled up.

"Releasing the music video for 'Gangsta Muzik' later on tonight," Soulja Boy tweeted. "This is the video shoot I got arrested at. Stay tuned." According to police, Soulja Boy (born DeAndre Way) was among 40 or so people gathered in the backyard at the abandoned home in McDonough when a neighbor called police to report suspicious activity. When the cops arrived, most of the people ran, including Soulja, who was arrested a short time later when he returned to retrieve his white Range Rover.

Police arrested Soulja Boy for one count of misdemeanor obstruction and the rapper spent the night in jail. He was released the next day after posting $550 bond.

On Thursday, following his release from jail, Soulja Boy promised his Twitter fans, "I just wanna put this behind me! I'm not going back to jail!! Let's focus on the BET Awards!" He did, however, post a copy of his mug shot on the site, commenting, "Even in jail my swag was turnt up."

The new track appears on the rapper's recently released mixtape, My Way of Life. At press time, the video did not appear to have leaked online yet.

Soulja Boy has not made an official statement about the arrest, but at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, he reportedly told the network, "Man, I can't really comment on that, 'cause I ain't went to court yet ... and my answer could affect the case. I just wanna thank all my fans for supporting me through it. I ain't going back. I'm out, it's good."

A spokesperson for Soulja Boy's label had not commented on the arrest or news of the video's release at press time.

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