Taylor Swift Hugs Taylor Lautner At Chicago Concert

'Valentine's Day' co-stars shared a hug after Swift's performance of 'Fifteen.'

During one of the last shows of the first leg of her Fearless tour in Chicago on Friday night, [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] made her usual rounds of hugging fans as she made her way back to the stage after her performance of her latest single, "Fifteen." But there was one fan in particular who the crowd — and Swift — were especially excited to see.

In a YouTube video posted on Sunday, about five hugs in, there stood "Twilight" and Swift's "Valentine's Day" costar [movieperson id="373803"]Taylor Lautner[/movieperson], waiting for his turn. The crowd went wild when Swift went in to hug her friend, who is currently shooting "Eclipse" in Canada, and the two shared a quick exchange and a laugh as she pulled away from his embrace.

On Saturday, Swift tweeted, "Who loves Chicago? (I raise my hand)." Eyewitnesses told Perez Hilton that Lautner also showed up to Swift's show on Saturday night in Chicago.

The two haven't been shy about their friendship since making "Valentine's Day" together. In a radio interview last month, Swift said that she was on Team Jacob after she was told that Lautner admitted to crushing on the teen queen. This came just days after Swift was quoted as saying that kissing him in the flick was "life changing."

"Well, see, I don't know Rob Pattinson, so I would just by default, I'd be on Team Tay," she said on Z-100 about her "Valentine's Day" costar. "I love him. He's so cute!"