'New Moon' Soundtrack Clips Hit The Web

British Amazon site posts 30-second clips of all songs of soundtrack from second 'Twilight' film.

It's not a leak, but the site British Amazon.com has given fans an unexpected preview of the hotly anticipated [article id="1621970"]"New Moon" soundtrack[/article] (which hits stores on October 20) by posting a 30-second snippet of each song on the album.

Which means that, if you were wondering what [artist id="1452174"]Thom Yorke[/artist]'s "Hearing Damage" or the [artist id="1244299"]Killers[/artist]' "A White Demon Love Song" sounds like, you're in luck! (BTW, the answers are "An outtake from The Eraser" and "Lou Reed," respectively.)

Based on these clips, [artist id="2973634"]Lykke Li[/artist]'s "Possibility" evokes a hazy fever dream, [artist id="1191782"]Muse[/artist]'s "New Moon" remix of "I Belong to You" (the original version of which appears on their just-released album The Resistance) is a stately minuet, [article id="1622066"]Bon Iver and St. Vincent's "Rosyln"[/article] is hushed and churchly, and [artist id="1231455"]OK Go[/artist]'s "Shooting the Moon" — with its weird sound effects — reminds us a whole lot of a Flaming Lips track.

The Friday unveiling of snippets from the "New Moon" soundtrack is a fitting way to cap off what's already been a pretty huge week for members of Twilight Nation. On Wednesday, after months of hype, the video for the first single off the album — [article id="1623359"]Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox" — premiered on MTV,[/article] and [article id="1623450"]fans of the series responded with gusto[/article] (though they would've preferred more shirtless Robert Pattinson, to be honest). And MTV News will have lots more about the soundtrack in a series of articles that begin publishing on Monday!

The Amazon preview only appears on the United Kingdom version of the site; at press time, the U.S. site did not contain any snippets of songs from the soundtrack.