Marlon Jackson Responds To Australian Blackface Jackson 5 Parody

'Man, if they turned up looking like that in the United States,' says brother of late pop star.

[artist id="9888"]Marlon Jackson[/artist], brother of [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist], is weighing in on the controversial skit that aired on the Australian television show "Hey Hey It's Saturday," during which a group of singers dressed in blackface did a parody performance of the Jackson 5. [artist id="501078"]Harry Connick Jr.[/artist], who appeared on the program that night, has already spoken out against it.

"Wow, and you want a comment from us about that?" Marlon Jackson asked "Access Hollywood." "Man, if they turned up looking like that in the United States."

Jackson added that although it may not have been the most politically correct performance, he didn't think that the group behind it, the Jackson Jive, was out to hurt anyone's feelings. "They probably weren't trying to be offensive about it or anything of that nature with the family," he said. "We thank Harry for [speaking out], but we also understand that they weren't trying to be disrespectful for the family."

On Thursday, a spokesman for Channel 9, which carries the program, said in a brief statement, "It was never intended to offend and we regret any offense [the act] caused."

In an interview that aired on the Fairfax Radio Network in Australia after the incident, Connick said, "I had no idea I was going to be a part of it. I have absolutely no hard feelings and I'm not even upset, but I felt I had a responsibility to respond."

Anand Deva, a member of the Jackson Jive group, said the act was not intended to be offensive, though he said they would not have performed the segment in America. "Clearly, all of us want to apologize," Deva told Fairfax. "I mean, we have offended some people, no doubt, particularly Harry Connick Jr."