Eliza Dushku Says A Few Joss Whedon Alumni Will Stop By 'Dollhouse'

'Whoever was right and good and fun, we want to bring them in,' cult show's star says.

If having Faith ([movieperson id="18358"]Eliza Dushku[/movieperson] from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Fred (Amy Acker from "Angel") on "Dollhouse" isn't enough of a Joss Whedon fix for you, Dushku promises that when fans tune in for the cult show's second season, they will see some more familiar faces.

"So we have ['Firefly' actress] Summer Glau that comes in and has a really twisted arc, and she and [Ashley Johnson's character] Caroline have a past that they kind of duke out," she revealed to MTV News. "And the Rossum Corp. is much bigger than we know. There's the Washington, D.C., branch, which is a pretty stark contrast to our Zen L.A. dollhouse."

Dushku knows that fans would love to see more Whedon-verse alumni stop by as the show progresses, but she said that before they reunite with too many old friends, they need to make sure the show can stand on its own.

"We have so many guest stars this year, and last year, people were asking if we were going to bring people from the Joss Whedon universe to the show, and we felt like we wanted to make it a separate show," she said. "But we were so surprised and sort of all in this year that we decided whoever was right and good and fun, we want to bring them in."

The "Dollhouse" star also talked to MTV News about a possible live-action version of the video game she just worked on. "This video game 'Wet' I just did, she's got a working-class Lara Croft thing going on, and she's pretty kick ass," Dushku said of the game's leading lady, Ruby. "She travels the globe, she's in Hong Kong and she's in the U.K., and she's a gun for hire, and she's got two samurai swords. She's pretty vicious. So that's been something that maybe could turn into a live-action Dushku vehicle."