Travis Barker Visits Burn Center That Treated Him After Plane Crash

Drummer stops by Georgia hospital to say 'thank you' to the people who treated him last year.

On Wednesday, during a tour stop in Atlanta with [video id="783"]blink-182[/video], [video id="1526529"]Travis Barker[/video] stopped by the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, which treated him last September after he survived a plane crash with his friend DJ AM, who passed away in August. The drummer wanted to thank the doctors who helped save his life.

"I'm here to say 'thank you' to everyone who took care of me after the accident," he said in a statement to "Extra." "I was sort of unconscious the last time I was here, and I felt like I owed them a big 'thank you.' "

Barker also met with patients who are currently being treated at the center and signed autographs for them. In photos from his visit, Barker is seen showing a doctor the arm that was burned and chatting with a patient.

"This was a great opportunity for our staff and our patients to see someone who is truly a success story," Dr. R. Fred Mullins, who helped treat Barker's wounds, said in a statement. "Travis was gracious with his time today, and his presence was a nice surprise and boost for everyone here.

After the visit, Barker later tweeted how great he felt visiting the burn treatment center. "Just leaving the JMS burn center here in GA. Amazing talented people over there, angels is what I like to call them," he wrote. "Wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them. Glad I was able to go by and say thank u. I'll never forget them or what they did for me."

When he wrapped up the band's show that night at the Atlanta Lakewood Amphitheater, he tweeted, "ATL went off, f---ing amazing tour, amazing crew & the most amazing crowds. Thank you guys. Driving back to LA. In 37 hrs I will be reunited with my humans and my son will be 6 years old. I'm the happiest dad in the world right now."