Whitney Port Doesn't Regret Showing Love Life On 'The City'

'I think it was a really big learning experience for me,' she says of dating Jay Lyon on camera.

Jay Lyon and Whitney Port had a whirlwind romance on "The City" last time around. With new episodes already being aired, Port says she wouldn't change a thing, despite admitting that having a serious relationship on the show wasn't the best idea in the world.

"I really don't have any regrets," she told MTV News. "I think it was a really big learning experience for me. I didn't really realize or think about how crazy getting in a deep relationship on camera was going to be and what the outcome was and how it was going to affect me."

But she said that, like so many choices made in front of the cameras, it's all hindsight. And now that she's had some time to digest the decision, she's learned a great deal from it. "At first I was really upset that I allowed that to happen, and at the same time you kind of have to go with the flow with those kinds of things," she explained.

Now she's interested in just dating around for a bit, but of course, she couldn't reveal what will happen to her on the show — for instance, whether she'll fall in love. "It's all about timing. And it all played out fine," she said of the previous relationship. "I mean, I say that I probably wouldn't want to have such a serious relationship on camera again, but ... you never say never."

At the end of the day, Port isn't ready to settle on one type of guy just yet. "I'm just trying to, like, get my feel for different kinds of guys and see what I like and what I can work with," she said. "It's been fun."

To see what happens next in Whitney's love life, tune in to "The City" every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.