Mat Kearney Gets A Boost From 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Grey's Anatomy'

An 'Army Wives' promo could determine the TV favorite's next single.

You might not know his face yet, but if you've turned on a television at any point in the past three years, there's a good chance you've heard a [artist id="1832490"]Mat Kearney[/artist] song. His dreamy, heartfelt rock is the go-to choice for shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill" and "The Closer." In fact, even Lauren Conrad has been known to stare longingly into space while Mat's tunes blare on "Laguna Beach" and [url id="/shows/the_hills/season_5/series.jhtml"]"The Hills."[/url]

But it's "Grey's Anatomy" that has been the most consistent Kearney supporter since his Columbia debut hit stores in 2006. And Mat couldn't be happier, even if the show's use of his songs is occasionally ... odd.

"I'm watching ['Grey's Anatomy'], and there's this big logging-accident operation," the singer/songwriter recalled. "And then my song ['Crashing Down'] comes in! I was like, OK, 'Crashing Down,' I get it. The log crashed down into their stomach, they had to remove it. Very literal use of my song. Like, really? That's how you see my song?"

"The Vampire Diaries" viewers recently caught Kearney's latest single, "Closer to Love," and when it comes time to pick the second single from his newest album, City of Black & White, Kearney is torn between going with his gut or piggybacking another TV opportunity.

"I don't know what the next [single's] gonna be. That's the source of many meetings. The first song [on the album] is called 'All I Have.' And it started with this lyric: 'Here we go at it three years later.' And it felt like a great lyric to start my album off. ... So that could be a [single], and there's another song called 'Here We Go' that I love," Kearney said, before adding with a shrug, "And there was another song called 'Lifeline' that was used in some sort of TV thing." (That "TV thing" refers to Lifetime Television's promo campaign for their hit series "Army Wives.")

Kearney admits he's new to the TV game. "I'm starting to watch TV. I'm traveling and I'm on a bus, so you can't always control when and where and what you're watching, so I've gotten into certain shows." Kearney's current fave? "Friday Night Lights." "I freaking love that show! I'm way behind, though. Everybody knows what's going on, but I'm on season one. And 'Dexter'! I'm going into season two, and I saw him holding a baby [in a billboard for the fourth season]. That bums me out. I don't wanna know that! But it's cool. It's how I live my life."

Lately, Kearney is living life on the road in a nationwide tour that just rocked a sold-out show in New York. "It feels like, in some ways, we've been on tour for four years, but it's only been a week. And we have, like, 30 more shows, so I'm very excited," Kearney said. "This is a very big tour for me."

Now if he only had the time to catch up on "Dexter."