Paramore's Hayley Williams Calls Brand New Eyes' #2 Debut 'Insane'

Frontwoman also says she's recovered from laryngitis that caused band to postpone shows.

Early reports on Wednesday (October 7) had [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist]'s Brand New Eyes

target="_blank">topping the Billboard albums chart. Unfortunately, when the final numbers were tallied, that wasn't the case: Eyes was beaten out by [artist id="2050802"]Barbara Streisand[/artist]'s Love Is the Answer for the top spot (by just 5,000 copies).

And while you'd think the guys (and gal) in Paramore would be bummed at missing out on #1, well, you'd be wrong. For them, it's just one more surreal layer to an already mind-blowing week.

"We actually came in at #2 behind Barbara Streisand. Touché, Barbara. Haha. We sold 175,464 records!" Hayley Williams told MTV News in an e-mail. "The guys are coming back to LA today. ... I've been here since last week trying to recover my voice. I can't wait to see them so we can just laugh about how insane this is."

Insane is definitely the word for it. From a tour kickoff on the night Brand New Eyes was released to the subsequent cancellation of a week's worth of shows due to Williams' laryngitis, the past seven days have been a roller-coaster ride for Paramore — and Williams wanted to thank the band's fans for sticking with them through it all.

"To our fans, friends and family ... thank you for once again allowing us to exceed any expectation we could ever set for ourselves," she wrote. "Every goal we've ever had has become a reality thanks to your support and we're stoked to share all of it with you."

And in that spirit, she closed her e-mail with an update on her ailing vocal cords, which are healed and ready for the road. So, Paramore fans, get ready for the insanity to continue.

"Oh and my vocal cords are back for the attack," she wrote. "I'm feelin' good!"