'Sex And The City' '80s Outfits Are More Than 'Dress-Up,' Kristin Davis Says

'There's a good story of why we're in it,' actress says of retro pictures from sequel set.

"Sex and the City" fans are clamoring for pictures of the girls dolled up in their New York finest and details about the currently filming sequel. But just because eager moviegoers want their fix doesn't mean the stars are dishing.

"I definitely cannot answer that question based on the three-page legal document that I signed relating to such things," Kristin Davis smiled when MTV News asked her for a few "Sex and the City" nuggets during an interview for her latest flick, "Couples Retreat."

In the first "Sex" movie, it seemed like Davis' character, Charlotte York, was living a fairytale life with her happy marriage and adopted daughter. This time around, things might not be so peachy, Davis said, but she's happy she doesn't have another plot line involving gastrointestinal issues.

"Thank God, because boy, would I have had an issue with that, OK?" she laughed. "I lived through it once; it worked out. We don't have to revisit that."

Some of the most talked-about pictures emerging from the "Sex" sequel's set have Charlotte and the gang dressed in throwback '80s outfits. Davis insisted that there's a really good reason for the retro fashion.

"Will that make me be sued if I answer?" she pondered before saying, "There's a little [bit of us dressed like that], and there's a good story of why we're in it. So it's not just to play dress-up."

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