Pink Brings Her Sexy Funhouse Spectacle To Madison Square Garden

New York show features glitter, trapeze acts, pillow fights and some old-fashioned Bush-bashing.

NEW YORK — [artist id="3205943"]Pink[/artist] soared through the air and rocked out at Madison Square Garden Monday night, filling the huge venue with the sights and sounds of her flashy Funhouse show.

After opening act the [artist id="2998819"]Ting Tings[/artist] roused the audience with their peppy hits, Pink's set began with a video that showed her watching television. Fed up with nothing good to watch, Pink got up from the couch and made her way outside (after putting some guy's hand in a glass of water and taking a swig of a beer). She poured a can of gas behind her as she walked. With ACDC's "Highway to Hell" playing in the background, Pink hopped onto a motorcycle, lit a cigarette, took a few puffs and threw it behind her to light the road on fire. Finally, she rose from the ground onto the stage in a cloud of smoke. The backdrop fell to the floor and the circus, along with slides and outlandish dancers, had begun.

Pink Brings Heat To MSG

Pink rose from the ground holding on to a bungee cord and wearing an eccentric-orange, feathery outfit. The show began with "Just Like a Pill." At the end of the song, Pink tore off her orange ensemble and was dressed in red pants and a matching cheetah print top. She continued with "Who Knew" and "Don't Let Me Get Me," as she poked fun at her body and features when singing, "All you have to change is everything you are."

While her guitarist soloed, Pink changed her outfit yet again before reappearing on stage in a pair of black, lacey pants and a top that displayed her chiseled abs. While she lay on a red couch and sang her cover of the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself," hands reached up through holes in the couch to caress her.

During "U + Ur Hand," Pink asked, "How many of you dance like an idiot?" Almost everyone, including Pink, raised their hands. She then insisted that everyone dance for the duration of the song because it made her want to dance like an idiot.

Female dancers in their underwear staged a girl fight on a bed as Pink sang "So What" and pushed around a male dancer. The girls attacked and beat him up with pillows; feathers flew everywhere. They then proceeded to take his clothes off. The song ended with everyone on the bed and Pink straddling the male dancer.

Pink arrived onstage for "Family Portrait" wearing a white tank and jeans (and no shoes), then sang next to a pianist and violinist. The performance was also being displayed in black and white on a video screen, giving it a classic, solemn feel.

Pink took a break and talked to the audience for a while, reminiscing about her first concert at MSG. She announced that her mom was at the show and said, "See, Mom, I told you I wouldn't end up in jail." She introduced the band behind her and informed the audience that she needed them to "be sad" while she sang the next song, "I Don't Believe You."

Pink warned the crowd that the next song was booed in two prior shows: one in Virginia and one in Anaheim, California. The song was "Dear Mr. President," and as she sang, a slideshow depicted soldiers, poverty, mothers and fathers, broken families, war and former President George W. Bush. The mood was lifted with the song "Trouble." The band jammed out for the acoustic song, and even though Pink forgot a few words, she belted the next verse and all was forgiven.

Pink began to wrap up the concert with Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," finishing with her new hit, "Funhouse." The stage was flooded with fun-house mirrors, glitter, inflatable clowns and dancers doing flips and twirling in the air on ribbons.

Everyone believed the show was over, until the stage lit up with a countdown. Pink showed up for her encore, performing "Get This Party Started" and "Glitter in the Air," which featured three girls covered in glitter and dancing in the air while being lifted by what appeared to be a blanket. Midway through the song, Pink was lifted too and performed her own routine of flips and spins. Near the end of the song, Pink was lowered back below the stage, but was raised again to finish her the show in a white, skintight leotard.