Willie The Kid Concentrates On Lyrics In The Fly

DJ Head Dibiase gives us a taste of the newest Gangsta Grillz in Mixtape Daily.

Mixtape Daily. We always told you we're fly. Today we're bringing you the latest joint from Willie the Kid, in which Will literally gets sky high to bring you that flavor ... but onto the next now. The full list of Hottest MCs has been revealed. We're ready for all of your comments, so tell us what you think, who we missed and who should have been higher or lower. Now the conversation really begins. It's all love though. And please, send in your top-10 lists!

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Willie the Kid, DJ Drama and DJ Head Debiase 

Holding It Down For: The ATL

Mixtape: Gangsta Grillz: The Fly

Real Spit: Willie the Kid took it back home to cook this one up. The A-Town transplant ventured back to Gun Rule a.k.a. Grand Rapids, Michigan, to connect with Head Debiase for The Fly. The two grew up together and wanted to revisit that essence they had when they came up, focusing on the lyrical side of things.

"He's been the same fly dude since back then," Debiase said of Willie. "We came up together, but I look up to him a lot 'cause he's a real wise dude, just like his brother. With The Fly we just wanted to put out some good quality street music. That's what we gonna go and that's what we gonna keep doing. A lot of people know Willie from DJ Drama, but this whole tape is based on lyricism ... he's not just about party stuff and the club. That's cool, but he's about hip-hop."

Joints to Check For

» "Somebody Might Die" featuring La the Darkman. "That's a hard street joint," Debiase said. "That's one of my favorites on the mixtape, because there's a message in the song. I don't think a lot of people will get the message in the song unless they're really listening. The title might make people think it's a violent song, but it's not. He says, 'Somebody might die to stay alive,' and that part right here — you can take it as 'You might have to take a life to save a life.' That's the yin and the yang of the situation. He's talking about the realities in everyday life, what's going on around you."

» "Flyin' Over Ya Hood." "I was there when he did that one and I got goose bumps listening to it," Debiase said. "He was writing and I hadn't heard any of the music at that point until I heard that one. I got the chills. Because he's letting you know — we can do lyrics, I'm displaying what I have. 'I could have been a doctor but instead choose to do this.' He's just letting you know. He almost getting his message across like it's a speech."

» "Aviation." "When I first heard that one it wasn't really surprising to me, because I've been around him," Debiase explained. "The whole concept of the tape is like another level above what's going on right now, the rapping going on right now. His style is unique and he's a different type of person. The song has a Roots beat ["Act Too (Love of My Life)"] and it doesn't have a lot of bass, so you can hear the lyrics. It was really about that — so the people can hear what he's saying, 'cause a lot of people are about the beats or into stories. There's different chambers of hip-hop, but Willie is definitely into lyrics."

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