Ryan Reynolds Says Don't Expect A Lady Gaga Collabo On 'SNL'

'Saturday Night Live' host was excited to meet episode's 'strange' musical guest.

Ryan Reynolds is spending the week preparing to host "Saturday Night Live," and despite bringing some ideas to the table, it sounds like he'll only be doing the skits the show's writers came up with for him.

"They turned down my Kirk Cameron [impression]. That hurt," he joked to MTV News at rehearsal on Friday (October 2). "A little 'Growing Pains' present-day sort of tapestry, if you will. Maybe next time, though."

Fortunately, the writers gave him the role of a lifetime: a Norwegian actor pretending to be an American criminal. "We were just doing the 'Norwegian Actors' Playhouse,' where Norwegian actors tackle tough American roles with seamless accents — or not so seamless," he said. "I've been playing one all my life, but it was nice to do it on camera for a change. It was exciting."

He's also excited about his co-stars on the show. "I mean, you're sitting in a scene with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig," he said. "And it's not hard for them to be funny, that's for sure.

He may fit in with the actors, but he's not so sure about the show's musical guest, the one and only Lady Gaga. "Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga is a natural fit, I think," he said sarcastically.

While they may not go together like hot dogs and mustard, Reynolds was dazzled by the singer earlier this week during her soundcheck. "It was pretty exciting to meet her, though. She's a talented musician. You sort of forget that with all the glitz and glamour," he said. "She plays piano beautifully and sings beautifully and is this masterful musician but, at the same time, will put on an entire unitard made of hearing-aid-colored fabric and be a little strange, so you sort of forget."

So have they bonded enough to strike up a musical collaboration? Um, probably not. "I don't think it would sound too good," he said. "It would sound a lot like Lady Gaga eating a grown man alive."