'Zombieland' Stars Enjoyed 'The Art Of' Killing Zombies

'I like chain saws,' Woody Harrelson says of his character in the comedy-horror flick.

SAN DIEGO, California — Everyone you know is dead. Every remaining moment of your life is tainted by the knowledge that a blood-thirsty, mindless monster could devour you in an instant. You're living out of a suitcase, and can't even get yourself a damn Twinkie.

It would seem as though life in "Zombieland" would be a miserable existence. But if that's the case, then why are Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Jesse Eisenberg starring in one of the most irreverent, uproarious, fun-loving films of the year?

"We move it up a notch, yeah," grinned Woody recently, insisting that the film is much more like an "Evil Dead" flick than a darker-than-dark statement on the end of mankind. "I like chain saws."

"My favorite moment of Woody is when he hangs from a roller coaster with a machine gun in one hand," explained director Ruben Fleischer, who proudly explores the joys in murder and mayhem of the undead. "He keeps spinning around and mowing down zombies that are attacking him. It's the most heroic action-hero moment in the movie and Woody is this zombie-cowboy-killing badass with a cowboy hat and a snakeskin jacket, and he's just letting loose."

The actors' characters all have a lot of fun exploring what's left of the world and they're hoping you will too. In the flick, Stone and Breslin play two sisters whose brains, looks and con-man skills have kept them alive and allowed them to stay one step ahead of both zombie and human alike. Harrelson is a gun-loving, banjo-wielding maniac with major property-destruction issues who looks at a world full of zombies like a little kid playing Whac-a-Mole at Chuck E. Cheese. Only Eisenberg, it seems, isn't having a blast — but as their adventure rolls along, even his uptight hypochondriac character loosens up.

"We were con artists before this post-apocalyptic world, and we use this to our advantage," Stone explained. "Any time we come across living people who are not zombies, we do all we can to take everything from them. Their cars, their weapons — we just keep screwing them over, over and over."

And the best part of being one of the few humans left in a world where you can kill a zombie in any creative way that you see fit? The weapons, of course.

"I use my grandfather's old double-barrel shotgun," Eisenberg said. "I'm very comfortable with it. All the other characters have these very elaborate weapons — especially Woody's character, who uses everything to kill zombies. A banjo, baseball bats, chainsaws — he gets into the art of it."

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