'Whip It' Star Ellen Page Reveals Her Real Derby Name: Small Newman

Actress says director Drew Barrymore had everyone on set calling her 'Small.'

In [movie id="379060"]"Whip It,"[/movie] Ellen Page's character, Bliss Cavendar, rocks the roller-derby nickname of Babe Ruthless, but in real life the movie's star has her own idea of what punny name she'd like to compete with.

It skews more intellectual than her onscreen persona's choice: "I'd want to be Hurt Vonnegut, because I'm a massive Kurt Vonnegut fan," she told MTV News.

On the other hand, Page's friends and director/co-star Drew Barrymore have chosen different monikers for the petite Canada native. "Roommates I had in Brooklyn named me the Tiny Canadian," she said. "But the nickname Drew gave me was actually Small Newman. I'm pretty much called 'Small' by most people. I love it."

And the sport is about much more than witty nicknames; Page also had to learn how to be a legitimate derby girl. "The first time I saw a derby match, I was definitely thrilled at the prospect of learning the sport, but also [I was thinking], 'How am I going to do this?' "

But after some pretty bruising training, she finally got the hang of it. "And then when it actually came down to it, and I was actually doing it, it was a pretty rewarding feeling," Page said. "But mainly because my derby trainer, Axels of Evil, was so good. Without her I would have been a lost cause."