50 Cent Slams Jay-Z, Kanye West In Hot 97 Interview

Fif goes after Kanye over Gaga tour, Jay over earlier comments.

When [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] called himself the "greatest show on Earth" during a radio interview on Wednesday, he wasn't kidding about the circus reference.

The [artist id="1237480"]G-Unit[/artist] rapper held court on a number of topics with Angie Martinez on New York's Hot 97, from Kanye West and Lady Gaga's joint tour to Jay-Z to his possible plans to hang up the mic. The interview was lively, at times insulting and often confusing.

Regarding the Kanye/ Gaga tour, he revived the theme of some of his comments about West earlier this year. "Ahh, the gay tour," Fif said when West and Gaga's trek was brought up, to a mix of laughter and boos in the studio. "No, didn't she say her tour is gay?" (The singer told Out magazine earlier this year that she'd said to West, "I just want to be clear before we decide to do this [tour] together: I'm gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it's gay.")

He then joked, "What did Kanye say, 'Me too?' " The jabs didn't stop there.

50 backed off West several times throughout the interview, only to run right back over him.

"I have nothing against them, but he's cool with [gay people]," 50 said, taking a stab at an explanation. "He goes and drops his videos off with them. Remember 808s & Heartbreak? Remember where he premiered [the 'Lock Lockdown' video], he went to Ellen DeGeneres. I'm just saying he's conscious of the gay community."

He called West the yin to his yang before moving on to 'Ye's big homie, Jay-Z.

In an interview after West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech

at the VMAs last month, 50 said the Chicago MC knew better than to try anything similar with him. Jay-Z responded during a promotional run overseas, saying, "No one is scared of 50 Cent."

The Queens rapper said Jay-Z's comments were misinterpreted by the public, but he still took a dig at the Brooklyn artist in the confusing comments that followed.

"[Jay-Z] should have addressed the guy who was making him feel like a punk," 50 explained. "But he had to make it clear that no one is scared of 50 Cent, 'cause that person [conducting the interview] was probably making him feel like he's afraid, or maybe Kanye West is. It wasn't 50 Cent.

"And the public misinterprets it," 50 continued. "You know how rock and roll has punk rock. Hip-hop has cool punk. Jay is the coolest punk in hip-hop. His presentation makes people decide to say ... 'Cause he's big and his take on it is bigger that the actual art form. He won't actually compete. So there's points where the artist will do things just to create a competition. Battling has always been a part of the culture, but he won't do it to not look like, in the words of Slick Rick, these peasants."

Fif also spoke about his ranking in MTV News' Hottest MCs in the Game, his belief that Eminem was not aware that his verse for "Forever" was going to be featured alongside Drake, Kanye West and Lil Wayne (despite evidence to the contrary), and what's next in his career.

"It feels like I've done a lot more, but I haven't peaked with just three albums," he said. "It feels like a lot more 'cause there's like six albums of material in the mixtapes. It makes people feel like I've been around a very long time.

"I only created a five-year plan," he added, laughing when asked how long he plans to stick around. "I gotta see how well that is executed and how well that goes before I can go further than that."